Environment emergency advice

Snow on road

  • Flooding

    The physical devastation that accompanies a flood is enormous. It is important to remember we must at all times be prepared to respond to the risk of flooding.

  • Keep warm in the winter

    Keeping warm is a vital part of keeping well in the winter particularly for older people, the young and those with chronic illness.

  • Severe weather

    Severe weather always has the potential to significantly disrupt our daily lives. Snow, floods, gales, dense fog and widespread ice all bring their own unique problems.

  • Emergency advice for residents

    Emergencies can affect basic services and result in a loss of power, gas, water and telephones. Floods, fires and explosions could also threaten or damage your property.

  • Community risk register

    Risk assessment is the first step in the emergency planning process and aims to identify those risks which could result in a major emergency in Warwickshire.

  • Health emergencies

    We are is actively engaged in liaison with the health sector, with the aim of protecting people’s health and reducing the impact of infectious diseases, chemical, poisons, radiation hazards, and other health related threats.

Environment emergency advice was last updated on February 13, 2013.