Copy certificates – costs

4. Costs and payment

Cost – £10.00 per certificate.

Cheques and postal orders can be used for postal applications and should be made payable to Warwickshire County Council.

You must pay in cash if you apply at one of our offices in person.

You will need to pay when you apply, before certificates are issued. This means we cannot accept applications by telephone or email.

If we cannot find the certificate, you payment will be returned.

How long will it take?

We will process online and postal applications on the day we receive them. But this may take longer if we need to ask you questions to help find the correct certificate.

All certificates for postal applications are returned by second-class post if you do not include a self addressed envelope and correct postage with your application.

Certificates for applications made in person at the registration office are normally ready to be collected within two working days or they can posted if you supply a self addressed envelope.

We may not be able to find a certificate if you can’t provide enough information. In these cases, we will contact you to ask further questions.

Express service

Cost – £30.00 per certificate.

The fee includes £20.00 express fee plus the £10 fee for a certificate.

Payments can be made by cash or card.

You must visit the office in person. Please contact the relevant registration office before visiting.

How to apply.

Copy certificates – costs was last updated on May 22, 2017.