Communities Overview and Scrutiny Committee

The Communities Overview and Scrutiny Committee (OSC) is a cross-party group of 10 Councillors who scrutinise services provided by Warwickshire County Council. The Committee is chaired by Councillor Philip Johnson and its remit includes: Fire and Rescue, Economic Development and Environment, Community Safety, Adult Learning, Trading Standards, Libraries and Heritage, Transport and Highways, and Tourism

Current Topics and Work Programme

The current Task and Finish Groups under this Committee are:

Energy Plan for Warwickshire

There is growing uncertainty over energy price and availability. A number of progressive local authorities have developed energy plans to guide service delivery and protect vulnerable people and businesses from this uncertainty. As the County Council does not currently have such a plan, a Task and Finish Group has been established to review this areas. The objectives of the review are:

  •  To audit information held by Warwickshire County Council, other authorities and partners (both within Warwickshire and elsewhere) of initiatives for energy production, schemes for energy generation and assistance to those in fuel poverty.
  • Through the audit, to identify gaps in information and areas for research.
  • To look at energy reduction initiatives, in the context of the wider impacts for Warwickshire (including energy reduction for small and medium sized business enterprises).
  • To contribute to the Warwickshire Financial Inclusion Partnership audit, regarding current and future initiatives relating to fuel poverty.
  • To identify those areas where immediate improvements can be made, possibly with short-term financial investment yielding longer-term benefits for Warwickshire and its residents.

 It is anticipated that the Task and Finish Group will reports its findings back to the Communities Overview and Scrutiny Committee ny July 2015.

Up to date information about the Committee’s forthcoming work can be found at the following link:

Anyone can suggest a topic for scrutiny. If you would like the Committee to look at an issue, please get in touch:

Committee Achievements

Up to date information on reports and reviews completed by the Committee are available at the following link:


Meetings are held in Committee Room 2, Shire Hall, Warwick and start at 2pm. The agenda and papers will be posted online five days before the meeting.

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