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Support for children and families

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  • Assessments for children

    Information on the assessment process for children's services

  • Getting help for children and their families

    Information and advice on getting help for children and their families in Warwickshire.

  • Adoption

    Thinking about adopting? We prepare, assess and support people who want to adopt children. We also provide support to those that have been adopted.

  • Child disability support

    Advice and support for families with disabled children including legal advice, choosing childcare, holidays and breaks.

  • Child protection - recognise and report abuse

    Find out how to recognise abuse and report it, so together we can stop it.

  • Child safety

    Keep your children safe with help and advice on internet safety and installing CyberSentinel on your home computers

  • Childcare

    Choosing childcare and early education can be a big step for many families. As well as making sure that the type of childcare you choose is the one that best meets the needs of you and your child, you also need reassurance that your child will be safe, secure, well looked-after and happy.

  • Employment rights for working parents

    If you are expecting a child or you already have children, this page will provide you with up-to-date advice and support on your rights as a working parent.

  • Family Information Service

    The Family Information Service (FIS) is for Warwickshire families with children and young people aged between 0 and 20 years of age. We also provide information for professionals working with Warwickshire children, young people and families.

  • Family learning

    Family learning programmes are those specifically designed to enable adults and children to learn together or those programmes that enable parents/carers to learn how to support their children’s learning.

  • Financial help for families

    The cost of bringing up a family can be a real worry for some parents. This page provides advice on the range of financial support you may be able to claim which could make a real difference to your family as well as advice on money management and dealing with debt.

  • Financial legal advice

    The services and organisations listed below can provide families with independent legal information and advice.

  • Fostering

    Thinking about fostering? We believe that every child has the right to family life. Fostering provides a positive alternative for a child until they can return home.

  • Leaving Care - getting ready for adult life.

    We aim to bring about positive change in the experiences of looked after young people and care leavers.

  • Unaccompanied asylum-seeking children

    Information about the support and services that we offer to unaccompanied asylum-seeking children in Warwickshire.

  • Parenting support

    Help and support for new parents, mums, dads, lone parents and more, with lists of available programmes and contact details of your local Parent Support Adviser.

  • Youth Justice Service

    The Youth Justice Service (formerly the Youth Offending Service) works with young people aged between 10 and 17 years who have offended or are likely to do so. The Warwickshire Youth Justice Service is a multi-disciplinary team which works in partnership with other teams and agencies.

  • Youth and community centres

    Find your local youth and community centres in Warwickshire.