Parents are being urged to learn more about the ‘Letter X’ Snapchat phenomenon sweeping the UK. The craze encourages children to post “the most vile abuse imaginable."

Bullying in school

If your child is being bullied at school, you should:

  • Talk and listen to your child and assure them that they will be safe after ‘telling’;
  • Record everything that has happened in a bullying diary;
  • Explain what has happened to the teacher. Stay calm;
  • Check regularly with your child to see if things have improved. If not, continue recording all incidents of bullying and discuss this with your child;
  • If the bullying continues, explain the situation to the headteacher. Give them the bullying diary;
  • If you are still not happy, you can make a formal complaint to the school’s governing body. They will look into how your concern has been handled. Check your school’s complaints policy for more information about how to do this;
  • Finally if you are unhappy with the governors’ response, contact the Department for Education.

Keep a bullying diary

Keep a record of the bullying:

  • what happened;
  • when did it happen;
  • where did it happen;
  • who was involved.
Complete a bullying diary

Bullying and exclusion from school

Bullying can lead to exclusion from school. Find out more about exclusions