About us – Warwickshire pension fund

We administer the scheme on behalf of the Local Government Pension Scheme. We currently administer the scheme for over 150 employers, including District and Borough Councils, charitable organisations, schools and colleges.

We have approximately 44,000  members, of which 16,500 are active.  Warwickshire Pension Services also administer the scheme on behalf of Firefighters Pension Scheme for the Warwickshire Community Protection Service.

You are welcome to visit our office in Shire Hall for free confidential help by prior arrangement.

Warwick Offices Map


Our aims are to provide an efficient and friendly service and to keep members, past and present, informed of any new regulations.

Employers in the Scheme

For a list of active Employers in the scheme please click here ActiveEmployers (PDF, 92.47 KB) . For a list of our closed employers who no longer have contributing members, please click here ClosedEmployers (PDF, 23.4 KB)



About us – Warwickshire pension fund was last updated on February 8, 2017.